British Sikh Consultative Forum condemns London attacks and calls for unity

BSCF Condems London attacks and calls for unity

Our prayers are with the victims of the terror attack on 3rd June in London. These attacks are inhuman and callous actions by misguided individuals against innocent ordinary people. We are certain that the people of United Kingdom will stand together as one community to ensure that these attacks do not succeed in breaking down community cohesions.

We applaud the police and emergency services for the prompt response which saved more lives. They restore our confidence in continuing with our daily activities.

We are proud of our security services who have prevented other attacks. We have confidence that they will continue with their difficult work to keep Britain safe without making us feel insecure.

We have admired the people of Manchester who have shown spirit of one family after the horrendous terrorist bomb attack on children on 22nd May 2017 at the Manchester Arena.

We call on all communities of faith and no faith in London and the rest of UK to show the same spirit of resilience and not let these terrorist attacks to divide the people of London.

The Sikh community will always be ready to assist in anyway those affected and to strengthen community cohesion.

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