Important Documents


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Organ donation leaflet Sikh specific (PDF)

Organ donation leaflet BSCF helped with Sikh perspective (english) (PDF))

Organ donation leaflet in Punjabi (PDF)

Implementation of Dastar (turban) policy at airports (PDF)

Document on Kirpan after consultations (PDF)

Same sex marriage BSCF position (PDF)

Press Statements

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Derby Gurdwara attack an act of subversion?

Position on Ministers of Religion requiring English Language 2005

Statement after 1984 papers were release in 2014

Letter on caste issues 2015

Position taken on Kirpan 2008

Letter to Govt to deny Tytler visa for Olympics 2012

London terrorist attack 6/2017

London Finsbury attacks 6/2017

Press statement on Grenfell fire 2017