Consultations Held

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British Sikh Consultative Forum has held many consultations within the community. These are only a few that are highlighted here:

  1. The first achievement was to reverse Government policy at airports on kirpan. The Government conceded and persuaded the Airports to adopt a policy of permitting small kirpans.
  2. Soon after this the Government was considering making English language compulsory for Ministers of Religion coming from abroad. BSCF successfully argued that Granthis on short term visits from 6-24 months should not need English language proficiency. A new category of religious workers was introduced which benefitted Sikhs and Hindus.
  3. The Government was considering introducing legislation to close down places of worship that permitted extremist propaganda. BSCF prepared a position along with Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and successfully persuaded the Government to withdraw it.
  4. The Funeral Pyres issue was discussed at length with the Government after internal consultations. It was made clear that Sikhs are not concerned about open air funerals nor against them. The possibility of owning Crematoriums has been offered by the Government to take into consideration Sikh concerns.
  5. The Department of Health wanted to prepare a guideline on organ donation. This was prepared with due consultation with the key interested people within the BSCF
  6. The issue of turbans for Police Force arose in Birmingham. BSCF held consultations and passed these on to the Police Force with the hope that they will be taken on board.
  7. The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) asked for a guideline on kirpan. BSCF held a year long consultation and came up with a substantive document that will form part of Government policy.
  8. New security measures have started at airports which were going to affect turbans. BSCF held urgent consultations within the community. BSCF held meetings with the Government and has influenced policy rethink on the turban. The Government has temporarily withdrawn its new policy and is considering Sikh turban friendly measures.
  9. BSCF held a consultation on labelling of Halal Meat on products and passed this on to Government
  10. BSCF held informative consultation with Gurdwras on the Big Society idea.
  11. BSCF held nationwide awareness on the caste legislation and persuaded the government to work on community cohesion through methods other than the law. BSCF took the position that caste was essentially varna amd jatti combined. Varna does not exist among Sikhs
  12. BSCF held consultations with leading Gurdwaras on the coronavirus lockdown and put up a practical advice
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