Current Issues

Coronavirus (COVID‑19)

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Covid19 guidance for the safe use of places of worship and special religious services and gatherings

Latest Guidelines from Government on Covid-19 safe practices for Gurdwaras, easing lockdown.


Shielding & Protecting

Elderely people over 70 and those who are vulnerable are advised to shield themselves from Covid-19 exposure. This advice changes from time to time as the Pandemic weakens.

Gurdwara Guidelines

Keeping the sangat safe

Following the release of the latest Guidelines from the Government on Places of Worship, British Sikh Consultative Forum (BSCF) and Sikh Council UK (SCUK) held a webinar. We invited Prof Jimmy Whitworth of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to advice during the webinar. The BSCF-SCUK have produced a set if Guidelines for Gurdwaras to keep the Sangat safe