Interfaith Group


Volunteer to support and bring diverse communities together especially in times of need (e.g., Pandemics) aligning the right resources, expertise, and knowledge.


A respected diverse Interfaith Network that shares resources that facilitates and brings communities together to support their needs and influence change. Works with other interfaith communities, national and local governments, organisations, educators and others to increase cooperation in times of need.


The values we aspire to and that are reflected in all our work areas:

Team Objectives

Join the fortnightly 30-minute conference calls to share progress, events attended locally and community outreach – every fortnight

Contribute articles for the BSCF newsletter especially following any event – as/when
Encourage people to join the network – as/when
Record the government consultations every month and send the video to Gurinder within a week – monthly
Bring people together to share ideas, explore areas of common ground and celebrate differences through small talks, discussion groups, round tables, talks, panels or workshops – four times a year
Join an existing interfaith initiative or take part in inter faith events in your area – four times a year
Organise a multifaith social action project – every six months
Offer to volunteer for a local or national inter faith organisation – annually
Organise a quiz, as a team, featuring questions about each other’s faiths – annually
Make a podcast, as a team, featuring diverse young people talking about what faith means to them – annually
Host an event, as a team, during Inter Faith Week – annually
Help at the annual Vaisakhi event hosted at HoC – annually