We urge the World to do more to help the Indian medical System to address calamitous COVID crisis

India’s deteriorating covid crises, lack of adequate Oxygen and hospital beds is alarming and distressing to watch.

We fully support and express confidence in Indian Medical institutions and Indian Bureaucracy in their heroic efforts to deal with this sudden and calamitous crisis.

We urge the world to give as much assistance as it can spare to India to cope with this pandemic.

Oxygen and vaccinations are necessary urgently. We think many western countries can spare them with a slight extension of their lockdowns.

We hope countries will rise above nationalism and see this as a humanitarian problem.

We sincerely express our condolences to the relatives of the many deaths and our hopes for those struck by Covid for a speedy recovery.

“May humanity stick together through this desperate situation,” said Director Jasdev Singh Rai, calling on the world to make a collective effort.

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