Smart meter targets framework: churn adjustment

Jan 17, 2022

Smart meter targets framework: churn adjustment The Government are seeking views on proposals to mitigate the impact of smart meter customers switching suppliers, ‘churn’, on energy suppliers’ minimum installation requirements for the second year of the new four-year smart metering policy framework. In June 2021, the government confirmed the tolerance levels for the first two years of a new four-year smart metering Targets Framework. This Framework starts on 1 January 2022 and seeks to drive the consistent, long-term investment needed to ensure that households and small businesses can benefit from smart meters as soon as possible. The government also confirmed the intention to bring forward proposals on an adjustment to mitigate the impact of churn on energy suppliers’ minimum installation requirements for the second year of the new Framework. They are now bringing forward and seeking views on these proposals. The government propose an adjustment to the way that energy supplier smart meter installation requirements are calculated, to reduce the impact of customer-driven smart churn on installation requirements in Year two of the Framework which is 2023. This will fulfil the intention of the new framework to focus on energy suppliers’ installation performance to drive the completion of the smart meter rollout. This consultation closes at midday on 20 January 2022.


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